CE Scholarships

The Outagamie Waupaca Library System (OWLS) will make continuing education scholarships available to member library staff and trustees when funds for this purpose have been budgeted by the OWLS Board of Trustees.

  1. Any employee or trustee of an OWLS member library may apply for a scholarship.
  2. Scholarships can be used to meet the expenses associated with meetings, workshops, courses, conferences, or other activities which promote professional growth.
  3. The system will award scholarships on a matching basis. The local library board or the individual is expected to assume a portion of the expense. In circumstances of special need OWLS may forfeit part or all of the match.
  4. In recognition of different continuing education needs, a portion of the scholarship funds available each year will be designated for the use of the resource library staff and trustees.
  5. OWLS scholarship funds will not ordinarily be available to provide substantial support for a degree program.
  6. The system strongly encourages local libraries to pay for the courses required for a director’s certification or recertification. If this presents a financial hardship for the library, OWLS will consider providing scholarship assistance for such courses.
  7. Applicants must submit a brief written application describing the activity and expected expenses to OWLS prior to the scheduled activity.
  8. OWLS Director or his/her designee will make the decision concerning each application.
  9. Recipients of scholarships should submit a final statement of expenses to OWLS after attending the activity; payment will be authorized by the OWLS Board at its next scheduled meeting.
  10. Recipients of scholarships shall be required to submit evidence of successful completion of the activity before receiving payment.
  11. Recipients of scholarships agree to share information from their continuing education experiences with their colleagues and with other system librarians and trustees.
  12. Prepayment of scholarship funds is not ordinarily possible.
  13. An annual report on the disposition of continuing education scholarship funds shall be presented to the OWLS Board. This report shall include a list of recipients, the activities they attended, and the amount of assistance they received from OWLS.
  14. To ensure fair distribution of scholarship funds, total awards to the staff of one library in a calendar year may not be more than 50% of the OWLS scholarship budget (excluding the resource library portion).

Adopted January 1989 Revised February 1999 Revised July 21, 2005 Revised September 17, 2015