Legislation & Advocacy

Trustee Essential #13

From Wisconsin's new trustee manual this Essential addresses the following issues: What are library advocates and why are they needed? How to establish priorities for advocacy. Ways to act as an advocate. Not only for trustees, but for all friends of the library.

ALA: Advocacy, Legistation & Issues

Federal issues, state issues, and resources are some of the sections in this excellent page on advocacy and current issues. Includes a link to ALA's Washington Office.

Wisconsin State Legislature

This site offers a wealth of information about state government agencies, current and past legislative activity, Wisconsin law, lobbying, the Ethics Board, and more. Among other valuable sites are Who Are My Legislators and How a Bill Becomes Law [pdf] and The Legislative Process in Wisconsin <[pdf]

Wisconsin Library Association's Legislative Information Page

All the information you need about current budgeting, the background and status of library-related legislation, and groups and committees concerned with advocacy.