Biblioboard and Wisconsin Author Project

The Wisconsin Author Project -- -- is one component of the WPLC/Biblioboard effort to provide a platform for creating and sharing self-published eBooks in Wisconsin. Additional Information, printable flyers, and press release templates can be found on the WPLC web site

The Wisconsin Author Project is a contest that runs until June 30. Wisconsin authors of self-published adult or young adult fiction are eligible to submit works. The main prize is $1,000 and a write-up in the December print issue of Library Journal. Additional information about prizes and eligibility is posted at The Wisconsin Author Project is a vehicle to help promote the Biblioboard services available through WPLC. Books that don't win, will be eligible for the SELF-e program (described below).

Biblioboard's tagline is "Create. Share. Discover." This is a good way to remember the different components of the services offered.


All Wisconsin residents will have access to Pressbooks, an easy to use online self-publishing tool for both print and ebook creation. Wisconsin users can sign up at Biblioboard uses geolocation to determine eligibility, so anyone in the state should have access. Pressbooks does require you to create a "profile" (which is really just a username and password) so you will be able to sign in to create/upload/edit/format/print your book. Pressbooks has a comprehensive help page with a users guide and video tutorials.


This program encourages local authors to upload their eBooks to Library Journal's SELF-e program for inclusion in the Indie Wisconsin collection. Submissions are subject to a brief review that usually takes a few days. The initial review ensures that the books meet basic minimum standards, are appropriate for a public library, and do not infringe on copyright.

In addition, Library Journal reviews each book submitted and selects books for a special collection called SELF-e Select. SELF-e select titles are available to readers across the country. This review process takes one to two months. Users will be notified if their book is selected.

Submissions must be in EPUB or PDF file format. Pressbooks can be used to export book into one of these formats. Participation in SELF-e is non-exclusive and royalty free. Authors can include a "Buy in Print" link to display on the books details page. Authors maintain the sole rights to their work and can remove their works from the collection at any time.


The Indie Wisconsin page will allow users to discover and read self-published eBooks by local authors. Books submitted to SELF-e (whether part of the Wisconsin Author Project contest or not) which pass the basic review standards will be made available on the Indie Wisconsin page and be available to anyone in the state using the web site or the Biblioboard app. Books in the Indie Wisconsin collection that have been favorably judged by Library Journal receive a "Highlight" designation.