Cancelling an OWLSnet Office 365 Account

Library Directors should use the OWLsnet Email Account Request From to request Office 365 email accounts for new staff, and to amend or cancel existing accounts.

Upon cancelling an account, OWLSnet staff will first change the account password, and disable the ability for users to use the Self-Service Password Reset option. The user will be removed from all OWLSnet lists and groups. The following options are available for blocked accounts.

  • Block the account – The account is disabled, and no one can login. OWLSnet staff can, at a later date, unblock and provide access to the account if requested.
  • Block the account and set up message forwarding - The account is disabled, and no one can login, but all new messages will be forwarded to the requested email account.
  • Keep the account open (with or without forwarding) – OWLSnet staff will provide the Library Director with the new password. This will allow access to saved email and any email still received at that account.

Until the account is deleted, it is recommended to set up an automatic reply to let senders know that the account holder no longer works at the library and to provide alternative contact information. Upon cancelling an account, the Library Director will have the opportunity to customize an auto reply, designate “no auto-reply,” or have OWLSnet staff add a generic message: “This email account is no longer being monitored. Please contact the library for updated contact information.”

By default, OWLS will delete the account after 2 years unless otherwise requested by the library.