OWLSnet Transit Slips Procedure

OWLSnet libraries have agreed to the following procedures for sending OWLSnet materials to other OWLSnet libraries.

All libraries will use the Millennium transit slips, which print from the receipt printer after answering YES to Print transit slip? when checking an item in.

  • Exception. Items for the SCLS delivery system should use the white transit slips.
  • Exception. If a library’s receipt printer breaks, the white transit slips may be used until the ordered replacement arrives.

All items in transit must have their own slip. Groups of items may not be rubber-banded together with only one slip.

  • Items can be bundled together under the following circumstances:
  • Each item must have its own transit slip o Items to be bundled must be the same size and type
  • Bundles must be no more than three inches high
  • Holds must be bundled separately from returns

Transit slips should be inserted up to the dotted line for books, CDs and DVDs. Rubber bands should be used to hold the items together when necessary. Slips should not be placed inside the plastic CD or DVD cover.

Magazines should be sent in routing envelopes. Libraries may choose from two methods for routing:

  • Fill out the routing envelopes, making sure that previous entries are crossed out.
  • Tape the transit slip to the routing envelope using removable tape.

In order to keep the transit slips face up in the bins, the slips should be placed in the item so they are legible from the front of the item.