Daily Circulation Activity Statistics in CARL

This report displays counts of various transaction activities, such as charges, renewals, holds filled, fine payments, and patron registration. The report output can be limited by the type of transaction, the library where the transaction occurred, and a date range in which the transaction occurred.

These numbers will not match those circulation statistics intended for the state annual report. These statistics are only intended for measuring activity at the library. Printable instructions can be found here.

To run this report:

  1. In the CARL-X client, go to Reports > Circulation > 42 - Daily Statistics.
  2. From the Parameter Set, choose your library.
  3. Click View/Edit Parameters.
  4. Select a begin and end date for the report.
  5. Choose the Transaction Type. To select more than one option, use Ctrl + Click.
  6. Make sure your Branch Code is correct.
  7. Save.
  8. Run.
  9. When the report has finished running, highlight the report on the Transfer from Server side of the window and click Transfer.
  10. Highlight the report in the Available Copies column and click View. You can also double-click.
  11. An Excel document will open.






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