Unfilled Holds in CARL

This report displays information on outstanding Title, Issue, and Item holds. These are holds yet to be filled for patrons. The report based on Transaction Date, where holds placed on or before that date will be displayed, and Branch, which corresponds to the pickup branch. A printable form of these directions can be found here.

  1. In the CARL-X Staff client, navigate to Reports > Circulation > 46 - Unfilled Holds.
  2. In the Parameter Set dropdown menu, choose your library.
  3. Click View/Edit Parameters.
  4. Choose the transaction date you wish to use. A transaction date of today will show holds that are unfilled before today's date.
  5. Make sure your branch is highlighted.
  6. Save.
  7. Run.
  8. Once the report is done running, highlight your report in the "Transfer from Server" side of the window and click Transfer.
  9. Highlight your report in the "Available Copies" side of the window and click View. You can also double-click.
    1. An Excel spreadsheet will open up. You may need to click "Enable Content" for your data to populate.
    2. Go to the "Expired List" sheet.








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