Book of the Week: Darius the Great Is Not Okay

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by Adib Khorram Published by Dial, 2018
314 pages
ISBN: 978-0-525-55296-3 Age 12 and older

Darius is a self-described “fractional” Iranian; his mom from Iran, his dad a white “ubermensch.” Darius loves tea and Star Trek with equal passion. Watching episodes of “The Next Generation” is one of the few ways he and his dad connect anymore. Otherwise, he feels judged—for his lack of friends, for being overweight, for being so sensitive, for not standing up to bullies in high school—and although both he and his dad take medication for depression, they don’t talk about it. When Darius’s family travels to Iran to spend time with his grandparents, Darius makes his first good, true friend in Sohrab. Sohrab “doesn’t have walls around his heart”—he is easy to talk to and openly affectionate. Because of Sohrab, Darius starts to see himself differently. And because of Sohrab, and his grandparents and extended family, and the places they visit in Iran, Darius also begins to understand the history and culture of the place and people that live in his mother’s—and now his—heart. And because of his grief—over his grandfather’s illness, over unexpected hurt—his dad bridges the distance between them, revealing love that’s always been there. Darius is a funny and tender first-person narrator in a debut novel with terrifically drawn characters, richly depicted relationships, and full of warmth and hope. Darius is just beginning to consider his love for Sohrab may be more than friendship by story’s end. ©2018 Cooperative Children’s Book Center

Volunteering with YSS at WLA!

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Greetings!Looking for a way to get involve with YSS at the WLA conference?We have two volunteer opportunities for members:
YSS Room MonitorTime: Throughout WLACheck-in with speakers, sit through the presentation, count how many people attend the session, report attendance to the WLA registration table and if need be, alert speakers if they are reaching their time limit.  
YSS Booth
Time: Throughout WLA
Sit at the YSS booth, greet those who stop by, answer questions, encourage membership and volunteering opportunities and meet great people! The YSS booth is located in the exhibit hall next to the CCBC.

If you are attending WLA, are a YSS member AND would like to help out please sign up for a spot!

Link to Google Doc sign up sheet:  

Questions? Email Claire Parrish at

2019 WLA Election Results!

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The WLA Nominations & Elections Committee has tabulated the results of the 2019 WLA elections:
Wisconsin Library Association (WLA) WLA Vice-President/President-ElectSherry Machones - Director, Northern Waters Library Service WLA Treasurer*Katharine Clark – Adult Services Librarian, E.D. Locke Public Library
ALA Councilor NA Association of Wisconsin Special Librarians (AWSL) AWSL Vice Chair/Chair-ElectAmy O’Shea - Online Librarian, Broadview University AWSL SecretaryBrianna Wolbers – Librarian, Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds
OSRT OSRT Vice Chair/Chair-ElectAngela Zimmermann OSRT SecretaryNA
READ READ Vice Chair/Chair-ElectNA
Reference & Adult Services Section (RASS) RASS Director-at-LargeNA RASS Vice Chair/Chair ElectBarbara Alvarez, Head of Adult Services, Northshore Library
Support Services & Circulation Services (SSCS) SSCS Vice Chair/Chair Elect Chair-ElectCynthia Arauz - Circulation Manager, La Crosse Public Library SSCS SecretarySamantha Vogel - Circulation Supervisor, Waterford Public Library SSCS Director-at-Large (Academic)NA SSCS Director-at-Large (Circulation)Katie Ganser - Circulation Supervisor, Middleton Public Library
Technical Services Section (TSS) TSS ChairAmy Gannaway - Technical Services Consultant, South Central Library System TSS Vice Chair/Chair-ElectNic Ashman - Technical Services & Reference Librarian, Chippewa Valley Technical College TSS SecretaryBeth Bechtel - Database Management Librarian, Bridges Library System
Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians (WAAL) WAAL Chair-ElectMichael Doylen, interim Associate Vice Provost and Director of Libraries, UW-Milwaukee Libraries ACRL Chapters RepresentativeNA WAAL Secretary/RecorderNA
Wisconsin Association of Public Librarians (WAPL) WAPL Vice Chair/Chair-ElectDavid Kranz, Director, SWLS WLA Board RepresentativeNA WAPL Director-at-Large (2 positions)Shanneon Grant - Director, Sparta Free Library Roxane Bartelt - Consultant
Wisconsin Libraries Trustees & Friends (WLTF) WLTF Vice Chair/Chair-ElectNA WLTF SecretaryNA WLA Board RepresentativeNA
Wisconsin Small Libraries (WISL) WISL Vice Chair/Chair-ElectAmy Stormberg - Director, Amery Public Library WISL SecretaryNA WISL 1st Year DirectorBethany Volgren - Director, Milltown Public Library WISL 2nd Year DirectorTammy Peasley - Director, Black River Falls Public Library WLA LiasonGina Rae - Director, Wilton Public Library
Youth Services Section (YSS) YSS Vice Chair/Chair-Elect*Katherine Schoofs - Youth Services Librarian, Manitowoc Public Library YSS Secretary*Susie Menk - Youth Services Librarian, Manitowoc Public Library YSS Director-at-Large (2 positions)*Emily Zorea - Youth Services Librarian, Brewer Public Library Anne Hamland - Public Library Services Consultant. Wisconsin Valley Library Service

John Green Talks Teens and Mental Illness with CBS News

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It's SO important that adults are open about their dealings with mental illness.

Being upfront and willing to talk can truly make a difference in a young person's life, especially if they happen to be coping with similar issues--or, perhaps, just feel alienated and alone.

John Green, YA author extraordinaire and proud Nerdfighter, recently spoke with CBS News about teens, Nerdfighters, and mental illness.

Jon Wertheim: You've said that it's important for young people to be able to see successful, productive adults challenged by mental illness.
John Green: Yeah.
Jon Wertheim: Expand on that.
John Green: Well, I have a really wonderful life. I have a really rich, fulfilling life. I also have a pretty serious chronic mental health problem. And those aren't mutually exclusive. And the truth is that lots of people have chronic mental health problems, and still have good lives.
Read the rest of the article HERE. the way...

Making the Most of a Conference Experience

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WI Library Association in La Crosse is just around the corner. We hope to see you there. The YSS board and conference committee have worked hard to create fun learning opportunities and adventures.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your conference attendance:

  • Do attend events and sessions outside of your youth services focus.
  • Do wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Do attend the WLA membership (Wed. 5:30-6:30 pm) and YSS membership (Thursday 7:30 am) meetings. You learn a ton and meet great people. Remember WLA is YOU!
  • Do talk to people around you before and after sessions start, in hallways and at meals. Meet and welcome a new colleague. Don't just meet-up, walk with and spend time with co-workers and friends. View conference as an opportunity to reach out and stretch yourself and discover the richness that is the library staff who attend conference. You'll meet lifelong friends and colleagues.
  • Do attend receptions, events, and sessions.
  • Do take time for yourself - a walk in Riverside Park, time in your room, a stroll around the lovely, lively downtown.
Finally, if you can't come this year (programs at your library to do; venue too far; I know all this stuff already, etc), please mark your calendar for Oct 8-11 at the Dells. Create a break in your programs during that week in 2019, start saving (or making sure your library supports your attendance financially), consider a program or panel YOU can put together and join the IRL networking with other library staff who share your passion and commitment to serving your community. You'll be glad you did!
Marge Loch-Wouters, WLA President

Book of the Week: Mommy's Khimar

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by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow
Illustrated by Ebony Glenn Published by Salaam Reads / Atheneum, 2018
32 pages
ISBN: 978-1-5344-0059-7Ages 3-6
A young girl admires the rainbow of khimars in her mother’s closet. “Some have tassels. Some have beads. Some have sparkly things all over.” Her mother wears one every day, tucking her hair under the scarf before she leaves the house. On this day, the little girl decides to put one on too, choosing her favorite color, yellow. She imagines herself a queen, a bird, a superhero with a cape; when daddy swings her up she flies. The khimar smells like her mother: coconut oil, cocoa butter, and cinnamon. Her grandmother, Mom-Mom, doesn’t wear a khimar, or go to mosque. Stopping by after her Sunday service, she calls the little girl “Sunshine” when she sees her draped in yellow. At mosque, older women say, “Assalamu alaikum, Little Sis!” and her Arabic teacher tells her another word for khimar is “hijab.” That night, her mother gently tells her it’s time to take the khimar off, but memories of the day, and a feeling of closeness to her mother, follows the girl into sleep. A story that will resonate with any child who loves dressing up offers a joyful, welcome depiction of an African American Muslim child, her family, and community. ©2018 Cooperative Children’s Book Center


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I love fall.  I love the sweaters and endless tea and napping.  I do not appreciate the gloomy, dreary weather fall has been offering up lately.  Remedy?  UNICORN BOOKS.  Luckily, Alex Luppens-Dale over at Book Riot has compiled a list of 19 Sparkly and Wonderful Books About Unicorns for Babies and Children.  Titles include:

 Check out the whole list HERE.

Don't Let the YSS Social Escape You!

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Youth Services Section Escape Room Experience at WLA!
Wed. October 24th 7:30-10:30pm in the Radisson Hotel La Crosse - Wisconsin I
Theme: Mr. Lemoncello's Library! Team up with other youth services, or socialize and network.
Sponsored by the Youth Services Section (YSS) of WLA. 
You can still register for the best WLA fall conference evah! Join your colleagues and learn (and laugh) a ton!

THE HATE U GIVE: Angie Thomas Shares Her Thoughts On Challenges

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Recently, Angie Thomas was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly, where she discussed her best-selling book The Hate U Give and her thoughts on the recurring resistance her book has faced since its publication. 

Many of the adverse parties are concerned about the graphic depictions of drug use, police brutality, and the regular use of explicit language throughout the story.  Thomas responds as such:
“When you say ‘Black Lives Matter’ to three different people, you get 30 different reactions,” Thomas says. “There are so many misunderstandings. There’s the assumption that it’s an antipolice book, when the fact is it’s anti-police brutality.” She continues, in regard to the language: “There are books with way more curse words in them, for one. And two, there are 89 F-bombs in The Hate U Give. But there were 800 people killed by police officers last year alone.”

Read the whole article HERE.
With the film adaptation being released in select theaters this month, the book and its story are likely to be a topic of conversation for quite awhile.
And speaking of the movie, have y'all seen the trailer?!